Monday, February 8, 2010


my cute little niece^^

my cute little niece
Went to my brother's house
to celebrate her 2 years old birthday

her granparents

her parents

These are the foods that we ate..
although it looks simple..
but it is mouth-watering^^

Monday, February 1, 2010


On your birthday, I celebrate you!
On your special day,
I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
that bring so much joy to others, including me!
I celebrate your unconquerable spirit,
that lets you meet every challenge
with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence.
I admire your sensitivity.
You see needs that cry out to be met
that no one else sees,
and you meet them,
out of your deep and caring heart,
out of your wisdom,
out of your strength.
I treasure your uniqueness;
There is no one else like you,
and I feel blessed to know
such an extraordinary person.
I appreciate you, respect you,
cherish you, look up to you.
Happy, happy birthday!
May each new birthday
be the best one ever for you;
You deserve it!^^

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just start talking, okay?
Our conversation are getting better,
I know you feel it too,
I know you like me too,
So just say it already,
Because I'm tired of waiting,
And I'm not one to ask you out myself,
So you'll have to do it,
If you haven't realised I'm different yet,
Then maybe you really don't know me,
I won't come up and talk to you,
Not without a good excuse,
I won't excuse you for being dumb,
Just because I like you,
I won't excuse you if you insult me,
If you look at me funny,
Or if you laugh at me,
Just because I like you,
Guess what?
I'm different,
No one can walk all over me,
No one can pull me down,
No one can make me fall so hard other then you,
But I won't let you do that anymore,
I'm stubborn,
I'm hard-headed,
I'm intense,
I'm cut-throat,
You won't get pity from me,
Just because you 'made a mistake',
Isn't it bad enough that you made that mistake,
Not that it was an 'accident'?
I will talk to you,
I'll apoligize to you,
But I'd talk to anyone,
I'd apoligize to anyone if I really hurt them,
But just remember this,
Idiot isn't an insult coming from my mouth,
If I hit you,
It's because you're being an idiot,
And if I hit you,
It won't hurt,
So just remember,
That it's not your fault,
If I'm not talking to you,
Guess what?
I'm different,
Deal with it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My Beloved ,

I love you! Just writing that puts a smile on my face. You put a smile on my face.

I love you because of your sweetness, your kindness, your tenderness and your thoughtfulness.

I love you because are you are my dear friend and loving companion. You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my youthful spirit.

I love you because I have a longing to be close to you and you long to be close to me. I love snuggling with you in front of a fire and cuddling with you as we watch TV. I love to be near you. I love holding your hand on a walk during the day and holding your hands across the table at a restaurant at night.

I love you because you listen to me as I share the small triumphs or struggles of the day.

I love you because in moments of friction between us, you hear me out. Even when you don’t agree with me, you listen with a longing to understand me.

I love you because you respect me. You honor the man that I am, rather than try to make me into someone I am not. You suffer my imperfections and my shortcomings largely without complaint.

I love you because you appreciate me. You enjoy my attentiveness and appreciate my efforts to romance you. You appreciate my generosity to yourself and my generosity toward others.

I love you,


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


New year and new blog for me^^